Sprinkle Junior

Sprinkle Junior for Android 1.1.1

Water physics for kids


  • Awesome water physics
  • Made for kids


  • Short gameplay

Very good

Sprinkle Junior is a revamp of the original Sprinkle game geared toward younger players.

As opposed to the critical physics puzzles of the original, Sprinkle Junior does not include time limits or a decreasing water supply. The game allows players to experiment over the 22 simple levels.

Sprinkle Junior still utilizes the impressive water physics, and without the limits it is fun to fire water and see how it reacts in the environment. While the original Sprinkle allowed for more precise direction of the water hose, Sprinkle Junior removes it to add to the simplicity.

None of the technical elements are lost in Sprinkle Junior. It still contains the same cartoon style and the gameplay remains the same, even if the puzzles are simplified.

Any player familiar with Sprinkle can finish the game in one sitting, breezing through the 22 levels. Kids will find more enjoyment with Sprinkle Junior because while it is simple, the water effects remain one of the best parts of the game.

Sprinkle Junior is an excellent sampler of the gameplay directed towards kids.

Sprinkle Junior


Sprinkle Junior for Android 1.1.1

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